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Ccent Tutorial - Introduction To Osi 7 Layer Model

A reference model is a connectional blueprint of how communications should take place. It deals all the processes required for effective communication and splits these processes into logical groups called layers. When a communication system is contrived in this manner, it?s known as layered architecture.

The OSI model is hierarchical, and the same benefits and advantages can implement to any layered model. The most-valuable purpose of all such patterns, especially the OSI model, is to let different vendors? networks to interoperate.

Advantages of applying the OSI layered model let in, but are not small to, the following:

It divides the network communication process into smaller and simpler components, thus aiding component development, design, and troubleshooting.

It allows multiple-vendor development through standardization of network components.

It encourages industry standardization by setting what procedures occur at every layer of the model.

It lets several types of network computer hardware and software to communicate.

It prevents changes in one layer from affecting other layers, so it does not hamper

One of the best procedures of the OSI specifications is to assist in data transfer between several hosts?meaning, for lesson, that they enable us to transmit information between a Unix host and a PC or a Mac.

The OSI isn?t a physical model, though. Rather, it?s a set of guidelines that application developers can use to produce and accomplish applications that run on a network. It also allows a framework for creating and applying networking standards, devices, and internetworking strategies

The OSI has seven layers, spread into two groups. The upper three layers determine how the applications inside the end stations will intercommunicate with each other and with users. The last four layers define how data is carried end to end.

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