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Grants For Single Mothers Looking To Go Back To School

When we think about schools and colleges, the picture of a mother attending school does not run in our minds. But, this is not true. There is no age limit for gaining knowledge and mothers have the full right to return to schools and colleges and start their education all over again. But, of course, a mother always thinks more about her family and less about herself. Hence, various charitable bodies and the federal government have realized the need for mothers to understand their importance and have started numerous grants for single mothers in school, for their benefit.

It is not easy for a single mother to start school as normal school-goers. Responsibilities and duties heave upon their shoulders and going for a campus requirement of education is not always right for them. In this scenario, the online medium of education comes in to the picture. Online studies are extremely suitable for mothers as they are really flexible and the mothers can choose the time of studying after putting away their day's work. Almost all of the scholarships and grants provided to the single mothers have the online mode of education.

eLearners provides a rare opportunity for the single mothers to start their education and this has been made possible due to the various online colleges and universities who are working towards the same cause. An awareness campaign started by eLearners is the 'Project Working Mom' but this does not restrict only to working mothers but also for single and stay-at-home mothers as well. eLearners has announced that in 2010 they are planning to provide 285 scholarships with full tuitions for mothers and this would in fact sum up to $5 million.

Raise the Nation is an important women-oriented institute working entirely for the interests of single mothers. It extensively provides help and support to mothers and also the necessary financial grants to help them continue with their education. The Sunshine lady Foundation program is helping those mothers who have suffered domestic abuse and strives to provide grants and financial care towards them.

The efforts of the federal government cannot be ignored in this aspect. The administration has reserved amounts of $30 billion and $40 billion for federal and state grants, respectively. For the Pell grants, an amount of $17 billion is to be used. The President has passed on his message of education by his 'Moms return to school' program, which is his dearest attempt to spread the urge of education among the single mothers.

The Jeanette Rankin Foundation Scholarship Program, The Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund, Patsy Takemoto Mink Education Foundation for Low Income Women, W.I.S.P. Change Your World Scholarship, R.O.S.E Scholarship are amongst a few of the scholarships sponsored by charitable organizations for the benefit of mothers.

Education is a necessity as close to the basic requirements of life. Education is directly proportional to the amount of money we earn. Higher qualifications for a person is extremely important to a lead a healthy and decent life and grants for single mothers for school will enable them to reach greater heights and provide them the stability to lead a happy life.

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