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I Know What You'll do This Summer

Its time to turn a tiresome cliche on its head - because there really is "So MUCH time and so MUCH to do!" There's no end to the planned activities your child can enjoy this summer, as long as you do the planning in time. Most centres have started registration now and since they usually take in small batches, seats are bound to get booked out fast. So clearly, the time to act is now. Mark out the dates of any outstation travel and plan an interesting, fun summer for your kids, where some learning get done, just by the way.
This newsletter is only a sneak peek into the action in store; keep watching this space for more updates and news of the best workshops and events for your child, around your home. And what's more, you can book a slot for many of these workshops right here by simply clicking on the "Book Now" link in the event description.
The question that arises now is how to choose from the huge variety of workshops, all happening at the same time. Well, the answer lies with your child of course, but you wouldn't be termed a tiger parent if you gently nudge her in a direction you feel she might enjoy. Anything is preferable to kids being stuck to screens - TV, iPad, gaming, cell phone or what have you, but any activity must have some end objective. So first, work out what that objective is.
Enhancing Skills - Your child may already be learning a particular activity and enjoying it too. This is the perfect opportunity to do an intensive course in the subject and take his proficiency up another notch.
Introducing new hobbies - In the daily routine, it is very difficult for a child to take on an after-school activity just because she wants to try it out. But the summer vacation gives you the chance to do precisely that. If your children have shown a wavering interest in any hobby, enrol them for a short term course during summer, at the end of which they will know for sure whether they would like to carry on with the hobby or not.
Personality/Creativity Development - As you go through our list of workshops coming up in summer, you will realise that while many are specific to a sport or creative art, many combine learning with soft skills development. This includes confidence building, public speaking, vocabulary enhancement, encouraging creativity etc. Again, the two months that lie ahead are the perfect time for your child to be involved with an activity that is also oriented towards personality development.
Check out our Parenting Stop article on "Managing all those After School Activities" for more tips on how to choose an activity (or more) and then manage the classes that follow.
A world of topics to choose from
Performing Arts: This includes classes for music, dance and theatre. Several of these workshops culminate in a grand performance by the students, eagerly awaited by the parents. Several regular music and dance schools also introduce new genres as an added attraction for the summer workshops. Established schools such as the Shiamak Davar Institute or Barry John Acting Studio have several centres in Delhi NCR and you are sure to find one near you.
Outbound Summer Camps: Meant for older children, usually ages 10 and above, outbound camps are wonderful experiences for children with a streak of adventure. These camps focus on nature and may not have the plushest facilities, but provide valuable lessons in independent thinking, leadership and team spirit. And of course, your children will treasure the memories forever. Since these are outstation camps, you are advised to study the programme details and the organiser's credentials carefully and preferably even speak to other parents who have experienced their camps, before enrolling your child.
Spiritual Workshops: Most of these programmes use a fun, playway method to introduce children to concepts of religion and spirituality. The objective remains holistic development of the child.
Multiactivity Camps: Many parents will find these convenient as the same venue offers different activities in various combinations. While some programmes have a structured course with a set timetable for different topics, others offer you the flexibility to choose topics of your choice and attend sessions accordingly.
Sports Camps: Our young sports enthusiasts line up for these summer camps, so make sure you book your seat well in time. Currently we are listing coaching camps for tennis, cricket and KravMaga, but you can also look forward to camps at sports centres that offer coaching in more than one sport.
The list will just get longer, keep tuned to our updates on the latest events announced. Here's wishing you a productively spent, fun and exciting summer!

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