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Important Information About Boarding Schools

Having your child enter a boarding school may not be as simple as you first think. In many schools there are more potential students than places available meaning that some children are not accepted. You may have the money but that is no guarantee. You are well advised to investigate the situation in as much detail as possible.

So having established that you may have a task on your hands to gain admission for your child, here are some tips to make your mission successful. First prepare well. Find the right school and present your son or daughter as an asset to the school.

Money may be an issue for some parents. Your child may be an asset to the school but the fees are not cheap. Most schools have a finance scheme which is usually set out in their prospectus or may even be online. Scholarships for the talented are also available and your child could be successful in this area.

Now if all this looking for suitable schools and preparing for the admission interview seems like hard work, you can pass it over to an educational agent. This is someone who earns their living giving advice to parents and their children in preparing for a boarding school. The agent even knows the way to produce an excellent CV for the child and will know the deadline dates by which applications have to be sent. If you miss the deadline, it doesn't matter how good your child is, they will have missed out.

Coaching for such things as the interview is also important and the agent can give your child some tips and even run an interview rehearsal. Ho
There are boarding schools with a special emphasis on certain subjects. It might be sports or the performing arts. If your child dislikes sport and has no interest in games and outdoor education, trying to place him or her in a school like that is unfair on the child and probably a waste of time. So look around at the boarding schools available and choose wisely.

What do we mean by preparing well? It means making sure your child is presented in the best possible light. It means preparing a document listing your child's achievements as a selling point to the prospective boarding school. Schools look out for students who can bring something to their institution. What about sport or the performing arts? Does your child excel in these? If so list all their experience. A good photograph may help as well. It's a bit like a CV if you are going for a job interview.
w they present both in appearance and attitude are all important. Particularly with prestigious boarding schools, acceptance is a real feather in your child's cap and only those who have done well at school up until now and who have the right attitude are likely to make it through. Those with a bad report card will find it difficult if not impossible to be accepted in many boarding schools. Boarding schools offer the best and so want the best in their student faculty.

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