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The Missing Link To Learn Fluent German

If you are reading this, I can assume that you have a desire to learn to speak German and your choice to learn German is secure. But you need to know the most important factor to get you learn to speak German quickly and effectively. Unfortunately, most language students overlook this crucial link when they decide to learn German. So, what is this missing link?

But, first things first, you need to find a reputable course that can meet your needs. Now, if you are a person who has no time in your schedule or money to attend a language school, to hire a private tutor, or to live in Germany for 2 years, then you should seriously consider finding an online German course. Learning a foreign language online these days is feasible but you need to find the right course for you. You need to find an online course that has an excellent quality of teaching tools and resources, several varieties of teaching techniques, portability for convenience, accessibility to teachers and your peers, and lastly, affordability.

Now the missing link is that you need to identify your learning style. Many people are not aware of their learning style. Remember your classes in high school or college? Everyone has his/her own learning style and everyone learns at a different pace. According to the popular Index of Learning Styles model developed by Richard Felder and Linda Silverman, there are four groups of learning styles with each group treated as a continuum with one learning preference on the far left and the other on the far right. To help you find your learning style, here is a quick run-down of the 4 groups:

? The Sensory and Intuitive group. Sensory learners look for the facts and prefer concrete, practical, and procedural information. Intuitive learners look for the meaning and prefer conceptual, innovative and theoretical information.
? The Visual and Verbal group. Visual learners look for visual representation of information such as pictures, graphs and diagrams. Verbal learners look for explanations with words and prefer to hear or read information.
? The Active and Reflective group. Active learners thrive doing group work and prefer hands-on activities. Reflective learners enjoy problem solving and prefer to use to think things through, to evaluate options, and learn by analysis.
? The Sequential and Global group. Sequential learner put the details together linearly to understand the whole picture and prefer to have information given in a step A leads to to step B, orderly manner. Global learners can visualize the big picture first and then they add the details and prefer a holistic and systematic approach.

Once you know where your preferences lie on the continuum of each of these groups, you can begin to move beyond those preferences and develop a more balanced approach to learning. Remember balance is the key. If you learn to speak German online the products are designed with these learning styles in mind and hence you are able to learn at your own pace, time and convenience. In this way you will be able to learn German fluently by improving your learning effectiveness and your ability to take in new information and make sense of it quickly, accurately, and effectively.

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