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Watch 3d Movies May Have A Negative Impact On Health

Some Japanese companies are working with the Japanese government to investigate the adverse health impact of the audience when viewing three-dimensional (3D) film. A related manual would be introduced to the consumer who views three-dimensional images.

Famous Japanese companies participated in the survey include Toshiba, Sharp and Hitachi. Finally, the survey group giving their warning, which said viewing 3D film may cause dizziness, nausea eye fatigue and other uncomfortable symptoms. A spokesman in the Investigation team said although we do not think it would be a big problem for the majority of the audience, but we must tell people there are really side effects. Manual on watching the three-dimensional images has the potential negative health effects for people?s health would be released in theaters and shops to the consumers who had use the three-dimensional images of products. Handbook provides many recommendations including keeping the distance about 3 times of the equivalent of the screen height and screen, stop watching if you can?t feel the sense of three-dimensional effects.

After Avatar, a three-dimensional giant system directed by James Cameron, create the global box office record this year, the film set off a tide of three-dimensional movies and some film which had completed are transfer from the two-dimensional film to the three dimensional film using computer technology in post-production, these films include the newly released "Alice in Wonderland" and "Gods of war." There is no doubt that these films get good box office. At the same time, Sony and other large companies have recently introduced domestic TV which can support three-dimensional technology. Some products are selling in electrical appliances shop in Japan last week. Investigation team believes that the current three-dimensional image entertainment industry is still in infancy times, but the investigation team does not know the image data of how many people may be affected by the precise three-dimensional image.

3D visual effects of films is from the special glasses wear by the audience, the image has a small time difference injection eyes due to the two lenses, in addition the fast stroboscopic images, two sets of eyes are overlay by the brain, resulting in the feeling of three-dimensional images.

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