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What Industries Are Hiring The Most MBA Graduates in San Diego

The San Diego economy is profoundly influenced by the Port of San Diego and its four cardinal economic fields: manufacturing, tourism, real estate and defense. In manufacturing, it is the nation's only site for shipbuilding and submarines, and is the 27th largest containership port in the US as ranked by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. The Port is also the primary entry point for many international car companies, including Volkswagen, Nissan, Mitsubishi Fuso, Honda and Isuzu, and bananas because of a lease it holds with the Dole Food Company.
In tourism, it is a primary port and destination for many cruise lines, although numbers have declined in recent years because of continued violence in Mexico. The Port and San Diego Bay area are also a hot real estate market, with countless luxury hotels and prime property in the area. Lastly, San Diego is arguably the largest military-industrial complex in the world, with the largest naval fleet and one of the highest concentrations of military personnel in the entire world. That said, about 25% of military/civilian jobs and over 15,000 businesses in the area are directly connected to the Defexperience and receive a degree at the same time.
Research has revealed that MBA graduates garner a higher initial salaries and positions compared to their counterparts in other fields. Today's economic downturn has undeniably led to the emergence of a highly competitive job market. With such a situation, graduates with traditional or online MBA degrees are preferred overnse Department, highlighting the importance of the military-industrial complex to the economy of San Diego.In December 2011, San Diego's economy increased by 0.6 %. The technology, biotechnology and research industries are also very important, with many graduates of on-campus and accredited online MBA programs pursuing careers in these fields. The education sector has also flourished the area and communication and technology has consequently enhanced distance learning and students opting for an online business degree. Many employed professionals have enrolled in online MBA programs offered by local institutions of higher learning because of their ability to join the work force, bolster their work e those with Masters degrees in other disciplines. Getting an online business degree also is much more affordable for students, which is another reason people are gravitating to them in light of the still downturned economy. Local universities are known to produce socially responsible graduates with a global mindset through their rigorous, value based and relevant on-campus, hybrid and online MBA programs.
Many graduates with online business degrees have been employed in many sectors. A report by MBA 2011 Employment Report has revealed that the finance industry employed the most MBA graduates at 25% in 2010. It was followed by real estate absorbing 20%, management took 15%, International businesses absorbed 10 % and others like corporate social responsibility took 5% each.

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